Hunlos-Lusong Gathers 519

Uncategorized May 29, 2024

Zamboanga Peninsula Mission’s latest evangelism project Hunlos-Lusong brought in 519 new church members as released by the office of the NDR-IEL. Breakdown is as follows: 40 Ipil 1. 26 Ipil 2. 83 RT Lim. 90 Tungawan 1 & 2. 89 Naga & Kabasalan. 33 Titay. 34 Tampilisan. 54 Kalawit. 70 Labason.

Bible students in the district sites gathered together at the Adventist Convention Center in Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay on the Sabbath, May 25, 2024 for baptism. Meanwhile, baptismal rites were done earlier in some of the districts as deemed fit by the district pastor, contributing to the grand total of 519 persons baptized.

Nine districts became the venue for the evangelistic effort with the following visiting preachers and their ZPM buddies:

1) Ipil 1 – Pastor Arnel Gabin and Ma’am Marife Patalinghug—Pastor Marvin Cedron

2) Ipil 2 – Pastor Jerrymil Pamonag—Pastor Cart Gladden Aguillon

3) RT Lim – Pastor Jerry Patalinghug—Pastor Pepito Natividad

4) Tungawan 1 & 2  – Pastor Jeiel Base—Pastor Elmer and Ma’am Sharon Dulang

5) Naga & Kabasalan – Pastor Lonie Cena—Pastor Carmelito and Ma’am Joelyn Asoy

6) Titay – Pastor Hendrick Gaid—Pastor Ronald Ramos

7) Tampilisan  – Pastor Ebenezer Perez—Pastor Samuel Labag

8) Kalawit  –  Sir Victor Palin

9) Labason – Pastor Chlue Tangente—Pastor Amorlito Hamoy

Why the name hunlos-lusong? Hunlos in the vernacular means joining hands in getting a job done using one lusong, the vernacular for mortar. In the hunlos-lusong project, ordained pastors from other missions come and become visiting preachers joining hands with the local mission officers to enhance evangelism outcome.

ZPM directors who took part in Hunlos-Lusong were the following: Pastor Marvin Cedron, health ministries director; Pastor Cart Gladden Aguillon, communication/PARL director; Pastor Pepito Natividad, planned giving and trust services, legal affairs, and stewardship ministries director; Pastor Elmer Dulang, ministerial association director; Ma’am Sharon Dulang, family ministries, and women’s ministries director; Pastor Carmelito Asoy, Sabbath school and personal ministries, ASI, and ADRA director; Ma’am Joelyn Asoy, children’s ministries and ministerial spouses association director; Pastor Ronald Ramos, treasurer; Pastor Samuel Labag, publishing ministries director; Sir Victor Palin, education director; Pastor Chlue Tangente, Caldwell Adventist Academy principal; Pastor Amorlito Hamoy, youth ministries, 1000 missionary movement, and AMiCUS director.

The participation of the following officers: Pastor Arnel Gabin, vice-president for NDR-IEL of Southern Asia-Pacific Division; Pastor Jerry Patalinghug, President of Southwestern Philippine Union Conference; Ma’am Marife Patalinghug, ministerial spouses association & children’s ministries director of SWPUC; Pastor Jerrymil Pamonag, vice-president for NDR-IEL of SWPUC; Pastor Ebenezer Perez, communication director and field secretary/NDR-IEL of North Central Mindanao Conference; Pastor Jeiel Base, field secretary/NDR-IEL of Central Mindanao Mission; Pastor Lonie Cena, health director and field secretary/NDR-IEL of Northeastern Mindanao Mission; Pastor Hendrick Gaid, ministerial and field secretary/NDR-IEL of Western Mindanao Conference added inspiration and importance to the event.

ZPM administrators, Pastor Arnold Sombilon, President; Pastor Ronald Ramos, treasurer; and Pastor Vilmar Mandalupa, executive secretary led in providing the logistics for the joint initiative. Pastor Klenjey Sajulga, field secretary, vice-president for NDR-IEL, was coordinator of this recent event.

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