Adventist Couple’s Generous Gift Paves Way for Church School in Zamboanga del Norte

Stewardship February 20, 2024

An Adventist couple from Salug Adventist Church in Salug, Zamboanga Del Norte has donated a highly-valued parcel of land to build a church school. Mr. and Mrs. Junard Maraon said they recognize God as the owner of all and they are just stewards.

“We have been praying for God’s guidance and direction since 2015. We wanted to use our land for His glory and His purpose,” Mrs. Maraon said. “We consulted with various church entities and leaders, and we felt impressed to donate the land for a church school.”

The couple said their decision was confirmed after they participated in the early morning stewardship devotional “Experience with Us” – a virtual journey through months of deeper spiritual connection and enriching testimonies of how God blessed His people.

“We were inspired by the stories of faith and generosity that we heard. We realized that God has given us this land not to keep for ourselves, but to share with others,” Mrs. Maraon said. “We hope that the land will be used to glorify God and to educate the next generation of Christian leaders.”

The land, which is located in a prime area of the town, measures a little over 8000 square meters and commands a hefty price that could set the couple for life. However, the couple said they did not consider the monetary value of the land, but rather the spiritual value.

“We are not rich, but we are blessed. We believe that God has entrusted us with this land, and we want to return it to Him as a thanksgiving offering,” Mr. Maraon said. “We are not losing anything, but gaining everything. We are investing in eternity.”

The church leadership of Zamboanga Peninsula Mission expressed its gratitude and admiration for the couple’s generosity. The leaders said the church has been planning to build a school for a long time, but lacked the resources and the location.

“The donation of the land is a miracle and a blessing from God,” Pastor Arnold Sombilon, the president of Zamboanga Peninsula Mission, said. “We have been praying for a suitable place to establish a school that will cater to the needs of our Adventist children and the community. We thank God for answering our prayers through the Maraons.”

With God’s leading, the church will soon start the construction of the school, which will offer kindergarten to grade 12 education. It is expected that it will follow the national curriculum, but will also integrate biblical values and principles. It is hoped that the school will be open to all children, regardless of their religious background.

“We want the school to be a center of influence and a beacon of light in the community,” Pastor Vilmar Mandalupa, ZPM Executive Secretary mentioned. “We want to provide quality education that will not only develop the students’ academic skills, but also their spiritual, physical, social, and moral character.”

Administrators and Departmental Directors from Zamboanga Peninsula Mission who witnessed the donation process hope the school will be a model of excellence and faithfulness in the community. They also invited other Adventists to follow the example of the couple and to use their resources for God’s kingdom.

“We are proud of the Maraons for their sacrificial giving and their love for God and their neighbor,” Pastor Ronald Ramos, ZPM Treasurer shared. “They have shown us what it means to be faithful stewards and generous givers. They have set a high standard for us to emulate.”

The leaders said that the Maraons’ donation is a testimony of how God works in the lives of His people and how He uses them to bless others.

“We believe that God has a plan and a purpose for this school. We believe that He will use it to advance His cause and to save souls for His kingdom,” the directors said. “We praise God for His goodness and His grace. To Him be the glory!”


  • | February 20, 2024 at 6:21 pm

    Wow! Praise the Lord!

  • | February 21, 2024 at 1:59 pm

    God bless Mr.and Mrs.Junard Maraon. It is a heartwarming decision. Wih your blessful action of donating your land paved way to the young adventist generation and none adventist who seek wholestic education in your place and the neighboring towns as well. I believe, that soon to rise academy school would be a beckon to show how Christian education is important today.

  • | February 24, 2024 at 8:36 pm

    Congratulations Salug church. Jonard and family I believe many will be blessed by your generosity. I pray that God will bless you more abundantly.

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