Adventist Mission Expands in Sulu with New Partnership

Adventist Mission January 23, 2024

The Adventist Mission in Zamboanga Peninsula is reaching out to more communities in Sulu, one of the most conflict-ridden provinces in the Philippines. Through its Communications Department, the mission has forged a new partnership with the 1101st (Gagandilan) Brigade, a unit of the Philippine Army that is conducting civil-military operations (CMO) in the area. The partnership aims to provide humanitarian and educational assistance to the people of Maimbung, Parang, Indanan, and Patikul, where the brigade is operating. These are some of the towns that have been affected by decades of violence and instability caused by the presence of the Abu Sayyaf, a notorious terrorist group.

The Adventist Mission hopes to share the message of faith, hope, and love to these communities, as well as to help them reintegrate into the society and rebuild their lives. The mission has already made a remarkable impact in Jolo and Talipao, where it has established two learning centers run by SULADS, a volunteer organization that serves the indigenous and marginalized people in Mindanao. The learning centers, located in Bud Bunga and Upper Sinumaan, are the first non-Muslim educational institutions in the Sinumaan Complex, a former stronghold of the Abu Sayyaf.

The Adventist Mission has also been working with the Special Forces, another unit of the Philippine Army, to promote peace and development in Sulu. The mission has been involved in educational and economic initiatives. Spearheaded by Adventist-Muslim Relations, Adventist World Radio, and the SULADS-Special Forces the program was deemed a success and was recognized by the former brigade commander Gen. Eugenio Boquio as “game-changers” in the province. The new partnership with the Gagandilan Brigade will kickstart with a medical/dental outreach in Parang, a week after the holy month of Ramadan. Zamboanga Peninsula Mission is appealing for prayers and support as it continues to expand its presence and influence in Sulu. The mission believes that God will use its gifts, talents, and resources to bring healing, transformation, and salvation to the people of Sulu.

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