First Adventist Congregation in Mindanao Celebrates its 105th Anniversary

Celebration December 6, 2023

Sindangan, Zamboange del Norte, Philippines. Adventist congregations in and around Sindangan welcomed the first Sabbath of December with joy and thanksgiving as they celebrated the foothold of Adventism in Mindanao 105 years ago. Sindangan Adventist Mega Church (SAMC) known to many as Sindangan Adventist Center spearheaded the said milestone celebration.

With the theme “Rooted in Faith, Growing in Grace” Sindangan brethren from different churches joined the meaningful and compelling praise and thanksgiving program.

The Sabbath School talk show facilitated by Ma’am Faylyn Alia highlighted the growth of Adventism throughout Mindanao specifically within the Sindangan area where she invited the pioneers with longer years in service as guests. Young Adventists were given a glimpse of how the Adventist faith within Sindangan flourished.

In a modest display of respect and honor church pioneers were given centerstage just before the Hour of Worship. Their processional march and the special program are ways of recognizing their significant contribution as pillars of the Adventist faith in the area.

Amazed by the church’s influence, Pastor Ronald Hazel Ramos, the Zamboanga Peninsula Mission Treasurer, encouraged brethren to continue growing more in grace and faith by spending time with God and making themselves available for His work until Jesus comes.

The celebration concluded with a renewed pledge and commitment of church members, new officers, and pioneers in the presence of God. The program ended with a dedicatory prayer by Pastor Quirino Alia, the SAMC pastor.

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