Inaugural Adventist School Ushers in New Era on Olutanga Island

Uncategorized August 21, 2023

Olutanga, August 21, 2023 -With the opening of the Adventist Elementary School-Olutalma District, Inc., ZPM Education Department embarked on a new chapter in its educational journey. The school’s inception, as recounted by Ma’am Charity Dujale, a dedicated board of trustee, traced back to the humble origins of a child’s piggy bank, exemplifying the tenacity and community-driven spirit that gave rise to this educational establishment.

Zamboanga Peninsula Mission (ZPM) Education Director Victor Palin, who steered the project to fruition through unwavering determination, delivered a moving address that set the tone for the celebratory occasion. He stressed the unwavering reliance on the grace of the Almighty that has helped the school transformed from a dream into reality.

Addressing prior concerns, Palin reassured the community of the institution’s legal standing, substantiating his claims with verified documents from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). He also underscored the manifold advantages of faith-based education, highlighting the pivotal role of this institution in nurturing children’s intellect, empathy, and respect, thereby fortifying the foundation of a harmonious society.

Pastor Arnold Sombilon, ZPM President, imparted a profound message to the audience, emphasizing the gravity of the decisions parents made today for their children’s future. Sombilon stressed the transformative impact of character development during a child’s formative years and encouraged parents for choosing an educational institution that prioritizes a comprehensive and holistic approach to learning.

Vice Mayor Janiebert Gumba, representing the Municipality of Olutanga, expressed his deep gratitude for selecting their locale as the site for the school. Gumba vowed unwavering support from the Local Government Unit (LGU) and pledged collaborative efforts to provide assistance in every feasible manner.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, jointly led by Pastor Arnold Sombilon and Vice Mayor Gumba, along with other representatives from the LGU, symbolically inaugurated this remarkable venture into education and faith. As the doors of the Adventist School swung open, Olutanga Island took a significant stride towards shaping the future of its youth through a fusion of knowledge, values, and spirituality.

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